Bradgate boutique

March 2020, we are in lockdown and only allowed out for an hour each day to exercise! What on earth will I do with my time?

We live in a beautiful countryside village near to a well known beauty spot in Leicestershire.

The area became the inspiration for Bradgate Boutique, looking at people’s homes and how lovely they are decorated.


Autumn 2020

I have lots of Christmas items on order for the season ahead, scarves, bags and gifts, I have been advertising on Facebook and Instagram and mainly word of mouth at this point.


Spring 2021

Loads of new stock has arrived ,my group of crystal friends have taken an interest in my plates, dishes and vases for sale. It’s lovely to be so busy!


Summer 2021


Up and downs going into the summer, the crystal moon shelves that we handmade are selling really well as are the outdoor lanterns! I need to reach others with all of our lovely home decor items .


June 2021


The website becomes a reality!

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